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Nintendo DS is an extremely popular gaming portal for the beginners. It’s a hand-held device that can support all types of online games that can not be played on laptops and computers. It is constantly updated to keep pace with the latest software. R4 DS card is the latest addition to this console, which also have a rewritable storage device.

Basically the device is like an adapter for the micro car DS. R4 DS has the storage capacity of up to 32 GB. It is quite impressive in terms of quality and performance. It has already sold about hundred million units. The main idea behind this card is to allow the Nintendo device to run and download the games. It covers up all the limitations that were found in Nintendo. One can easily download the games on r4 card which can fit in the slot 1. There would be no pass card hassle and no software problem. It is factually a multimedia player where you can listen and store the music and do a lot of other things. R4 card is a one complete entertainment device.

Some of the main benefits offered by R4 Card are as follows:

Easy to install: there would be no difficulty to line up with the apex legends boosting service gaming console. In case you cannot align it smoothly or you have any doubts, then it is advised to read the user manual that comes along with it.

Faster loading: it can be loaded in not more than 2 minutes. Like the other cartridges it will not waste your time and would allow you to start the game right away.

R4 DS also offer options to play CD with your DS Nintendo console. This allows you to watch movies, listen to songs and view pictures on the console. This opens up the boundaries and augments the gaming experience in many ways.

These cartridges can also help you to access the internet. You can browse sites and download more games.

This R4 cards offers great benefits and gaming experiences. However there are certain disadvantages also. These cards do not come with any inbuilt memory and so you have to buy micro SD cards and memory cards. These cards are essential because you would be able to store a large amount of things.

Every game lover has been hit by the r4 revolution. It is user friendly and thus makes it favorite amongst a large number of people. The upgraded versions are certainly better than the earlier ones. With the introduction of this new device all your previous complains have been sorted out. Always buy an original pack and do not get trapped in purchasing false products.


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