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When undergoing an online counseling session, it is important to have the session take place in an environment where both client and therapist are in utmost comfort and calm. An environment that is conducive for the therapeutic process. A traditional therapist may or may not be able to offer their clients such an environment. Even though most counselors do provide such an environment, some may be unable to for a variety of financial or logistical reasons. Clients who wish to work with a particular Therapist chat may find themselves in a sterile, almost office workspace like environment that is not so conducive to a therapeutic experience.

Fortunately, online therapy offers a little more leeway for both parties to achieve the goal of a more favorable environment. Also, with a laptop computer at one’s disposal the opportunity to work in such an environment increases greatly as more choices become available to choose from. Often, both online counselor and client will elect to conduct the sessions from their own home. One’s home is where many people, those would be potential clients, will find themselves to be most comfortable. Home is safe and it is familiar. Home requires no traveling and it requires nothing more than the most casual of dress codes. For the same reasons, Home is where many online therapists work from. However, in addition to these reasons an online therapist who works from home does not incur the overhead cost of renting or owning office space as a traditional therapist does. Hence, Online counseling is much less expensive than traditional counseling.

Now, home is not the only place where online therapy sessions have to take place. As long as the ambient environment promotes complete confidentiality and does not interfere with the progression of the session online therapy sessions can be conducted anywhere. With a laptop, some online counselors may prefer to conduct their sessions elsewhere, maybe even in a more natural setting. Nature can provide a serenity and calming effect that is not always replicable inside a building. The same possibility applies for a potential client. He or she may prefer to work with their online counselor while being outdoors themselves for he or she may simply feel more comfortable and forthcoming in a natural setting.

Not every environment, even if it promotes confidentiality, is going to be suitable or favorable for both client and online therapist. A client may find their online counselor’s guest room to be too colorful and distracting, the same can be applied to the potential distractions of working outdoors. Conversely, the online therapist may find that their client laying in bed during a session to be a distraction. It is incumbent upon the online counselor to accommodate the client’s preferences for the type of ambient environment they would like to work with. If there is any level of distaste for the environment on the part of either the online counselor or client it must be discussed in the therapy as soon as either party becomes aware of it. Then, all effort must be made by both parties to remedy it and create the most optimal online therapeutic environment.



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