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When you’re looking to get a pet for your home, you may want something that’s a bit unique. Consider the black bear hamster as opposed to the Syrian and typical dwarf hamsters. Black bear hamsters are in the Syrian hamster family but differ in color.

As the name suggests, this hamster is black and quite small; their fur is short and thick. They measure about six inches long and weight about five ounces. which bear is the most dangerous? You can find large quantities of these hamsters in the countries of Europe and Asia. These hamsters make wonderful pets in America. While a black bear hamster can live for up to four years, the average lifespan is only two and half years.

Why People Have Black Bear Hamsters As Pets

This hamster breed is extremely popular to have as pets for a number of reasons. For instance, their black coats make them quite attractive and unique. They are also not aggressive, which means they don’t bite nor attack unlike other energetic rodents. Due to this calm, docile nature, they make great pets.

Characteristics of Black Bear Hamsters

Even though a black bear hamster has a black coat, it can still have other colors on them. Many of them have white markings on their paws. Some even have a patch of white on their chest. Another interesting characteristic of these rodents is that their top front teeth develop all throughout their lives. That’s the reason these hamsters gnaw at solid items; they are trying to wear down their teeth.

These hamsters are similar to other breeds in that they are nocturnal and active during the overnight hours. They will eat during the nighttime hours; they will also burrow themselves and run around. This is why you should place their cage away from where you sleep at night.

Breeding of Black Bear Hamsters

If you plan to breed these hamsters, make sure you hire someone who breeds them as a hobby or for show; this helps to ensure that you get worthwhile quality hamsters. Your hamster’s breeding partner should have a good personality with no health conditions. While breeding your hamster, be sure you fully understand what it means to take care of the baby hamsters.

How To Feed Black Bear Hamsters

There are many things you can feed this hamster breed including grains, grass, seeds and vegetables. However, they don’t mind consuming fruits, insects and worms. These hamsters will bring food to their hiding place by using their cheeks. For that reason, you need to clean out their cage everyday and remove any leftover food. Be sure the water bottle is accessible to your hamster and that it’s fresh each day.

Keep Your Hamster From Chewing The Cage

Since hamsters like to gnaw on stiff items such as the cage bars, purchase chew sticks for them to gnaw on instead. You can find these things in your local pet store.

Keeping Them Apart

If you choose to have more than one black bear hamster, ensure that each one has his or her cage. If you put them both in the same cage, they will act aggressive toward each other.

How To Care For Your Black Bear Hamster – A Quick Overview

When you want a pet for your child, these black bear hamsters are wonderful pets but your child should always be watched carefully when handling these pets. Make sure you clean their cages and provide them with a continuous supply of fresh food and clean water. If you purchase more than one, they should be separated and placed in their own cages.


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