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There are a lot of women who are into fashion. They spend and splurge on things they can use to fill up their wardrobes. Some prefer investing on tops and bottoms in different styles and colors, while some would like to build up a collection of accessories which they can use to brighten up any type of clothing. Still, there are some who are more interested in keeping a collection of shoes. Sandals, pumps, slip-ons; any type of footwear is a definite add-on to every woman’s wardrobe.

Any woman who loves spending their money on shoes knows that they can not wear sandals or pumps everyday. Some would prefer to have flats and slippers, while some would rather have a pair of sneakers.

Sneakers are not just comfortable shoes; they are easy to wear and are made to withstand extreme walking conditions (a characteristic which definitely would not match those of shoes with high heels). Most sneakers are made low so as not to strain the legs. With the continuing popularity of sneakers however, there are new styles which are now applied on sneakers. It is here that the wedge sneakers make its entrance.

Looking closely at this type of retro sneakers, these are some kind of a hybrid between a wedge heeled sandal and a flat sneaker. It is a brilliant innovation in the fashion world, right? These wedges have been criticized over and over again but the fact still remains that they made (and are still making) a big hit among the fashionable crowd.

What is being debated upon this splendid type of footwear is the rationale behind the installment of wedge heels on sneakers. Where would we see people doing sports wearing sneakers with a four-inch wedge? They are so not going to like it when this fancy footwear gives them a surprise in the form of a sprained ankle. These sneakers are most likely to be used for fashion purposes most of the time. However, there are those with low wedges which can be worn during sports which do not require too much moving or running around.

These sneakers are trendy and undeniably fashionable, but it takes a keen fashion eye to pinpoint which outfit goes best with this type of shoes. As much as these make the same impression as wedge sandals, the sneaker-type wedges can not go well with dresses and formal outfits. The more casual the look of the outfit is, the better it will look with the sneakers. Jeans would also look well with wedged sneakers, especially the flared ones. Shorts also look good with these. Most skirts do not look great with sneakers, but mini-skirts are proven to be the only exception. They look amazing with this type of footwear.


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