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What is VR?

Before we dive in, let’s discuss what is actually meant by this. Virtual reality, or VR for short, is a computer-generated simulation that alters the user’s perception of reality and allows them to interact with a three-dimensional environment. Although your surroundings do not physically exist whilst wearing a VR headset, the experience is so immersive that it certainly feels as though your surroundings are real.

These false realities can be completely abstract and made up of unrealistic features and surroundings, or it can be used to replicate an exact real-world experience such as touring Vatican City or exploring your home street using Google earth. It comes as no surprise that something so powerful can be a massively helpful teaching tool.

When we think of VR, it’s easy to imagine something futuristic and advanced beyond our understanding. However, it is now readily available all over the world, with people using it for fun and leisure on a daily basis.


How does virtual reality work? 

We know that VR is a powerful tool, but how does it work? Virtual reality branded vr headsets typically come in the form of a thick pair of goggles connected to a computer with a set of controllers that allow the user to carry out actions.

That being said, there are also advanced headsets that incorporate eye-tracking without the need for controllers, and even headsets that are standalone consoles without the need for computer connection. There are also more affordable headsets in the form of cardboard goggles that you can connect to your phone.


The magic of VR comes down to the headsets ability to track the user’s head and eye movement and change perspective with you. Headsets are also able to track your body’s movement, allowing you to walk within the simulated environment.

This 3D-tracking functionality isn’t for everyone, as motion sickness is a common side effect of using these advanced pieces of equipment. Thankfully, the controllers can also function as a means of moving around within the environment.

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