Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Twitter is great platform to boost your affiliate marketing business. But like any other business model it also does have its parameters to succeed and like any other business more you research on the topic better you perform. There are quite a few things that an Affiliate Marketer should keep in mind for generating good business out of Twitter.

Here we will mention some basic important things for generating business from Twitter. Reading this Article I assume that you already have some Twitter experience and of Affiliate marketing.


  • Research about the relevant tweets where you may offer your product to your followers as a solution to a particular problem. More relevance your product have better the results will be.
  • Research for the Tweeters/people who can be good targeted consumers for your products. Start following them, you can’t force them to follow you but many will follow you back, where you can have opportunity introducing your product at the right time.
  • Be Genuine and helpful, reputation takes time to build but once its built people will consider your products as genuine support and you will able to able to increase your sales amazingly.
  • Avoid Advertisement on your Tweets, this may present yourself as a spammer and you may ruin your business. Remember you are on Tweeter to share your experience about particular product and help others, and not to promote directly.
  • If you need to send links, be sure that they are part of your tweets. This way you will avoid to present yourself as someone forcing to click to earn some bucks. It’s also better that you don’t send ever direct links, use your blog instead.
  • Keep right balance between your tweets. Don’t over tweet and nor very little. Right balance will earn you more respect and following.
  • You may also consider services Sponsored Tweets which provides connection between Affiliate marketers and tweeters.

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