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So you want to know if he is the one. After a lot of broken relationships and after you have picked the pieces of your broken heart, here you are again dating someone else. You just simply want to find the man of your dreams and start planning future your lives together. You want to be so sure that you are not wasting your time on him and you tried to use this true love calculator. So what did the stars say about him? Are these emails from the numerologist helpful? Do their predictions match with what’s really happening? Can this true love calculator tell if he is the one? Or it’s just something really funny?

The Astrologists

You know the kind of true love test that they use through your birthdays and zodiacs signs? Yes, that’s what an astrologist does. They measure your compatibility using these factors and if these matched, they’ll say the stars are with you. But hold your horses. What about this new zodiac sign that they call Ophiuchus? Did it change anything? So your signs just suddenly moved and now the stars are suddenly against you? Now this true love calculator just got confusing. Since it now says no, will you leave your date goodbye and find someone more compatible? If you trust this love compatibility test so much, then you better cross your fingers and wish that no other zodiac sign will ever get discovered.

The Numerologist

So the stars confused you and now you want a second reading. You saw this woman who reads your future depending on the number of your names and your birthdates. Each number has a corresponding meaning and these numbers will dictate if you are dating “the one”. They will count and translate your name first and his name. However, this number and meaning things are very tricky. Only this people know how these things are being calculated and given meaning. Should you leave your love life to these people? Al right, you can use this as your guide but you’re going to need a lot of calculation if you want to find the perfect guy with the perfect numerology reading.

The Love Compatibility Test

If you have been surfing most of the time, try to search “love compatibility test” on Google and you will see a lot of online tests that you can try for free. These tests include sets of questions which you can either answer by yes or no or through multiple choice. The questions a very easy and, somehow, they make sense. This true love calculator uses questions which asks you how your man treats you and something more like that. You can almost guess the answer but sometimes, the result is still quite surprising.

True Love Calculator

Is there any better way to test how much he loves you but to check on his actions? A man truly loves you if he includes you in his plans and sees his future with you. “The one” will give you everything you need even if you never ask him to. Check on the things that he does for you which he doesn’t do on other girls.


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