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Treatment for fungal nail infections vary greatly depending on whether or not you have a mild or severe case of fungal nails and whether or not you want to use prescription drugs from a doctor.

The first step is to find out if you actually have a fungal nail infection.  There are some other things that can cause nails to become yellow, cracked, or discolored that may not be a fungal nail infection.  You could have some kind of skin condition or possibly some kind of trauma to the nail that caused those things to happen.

Check with your local foot doctor and find out if you do in fact have a nail or toenail fungus problem.  From there, your doctor can give you the best advice on how to get rid of the fungus.

One of the most important actions you can take is to make sure to keep your Nail Fungus treatment in Singapore clean and dry.  In the case of toenail fungus, this is especially important as the fungus thrives in damp, dark places.  Therefore, it likes to live inside damp shoes and sweaty socks.

A good way to help alleviate your problem is to use an antifungal type soap when bathing, apply foot powder, and make sure to rotate your shoes.  Foot fungus is very contagious and is often contracted from surface areas like gym floors, swimming pools, or shared items like towels and shoes.  So, it’s important to protect yourself if you are in those environments.

Even though your doctor may suggest some kind of prescription oral medication or topical cream, there are some natural solutions that may be effective in killing your toenail fungus.  Some of the most popular natural solutions contain a combination of various oils like tea tree oil, almond oil, lemongrass, and undecylenic acid, just to name a few common ingredients.

There are also some foot soaks that are thought to be effective in stopping the growth of fungal infections in nails.  Some of these are apple cider vinegar soaks, corn meal soaks, and acidophilus.

Ultimately, it’s important to make sure you have a toenail fungus infection before starting any kind of treatment whether it be traditional or homeopathic.


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