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We all find it pleasant to find plants lining our pathway or our garden. Trees and shrubs give off a positive vibe, making us feel happier and lighter. Of course, wilted plants can be considered as eyesore, so if you want to feel happy with your plants, then you should take care of them. In temperate countries, palm trees are popular choice for ornaments, since they are relatively easy to maintain, and they give off a tropical “feel”. You can easily picture yourself lying down on the beach when you see healthy palm trees. There are different species of palm trees, and the queen is a favorite among gardeners and landscapers. Here are some queen palm tree care tips to consider if you are planning to have your very own buy tropical plants in NY.

The Queen Palm, or Syagrus romanzoffiana, is often confused with the coconut palm, especially since they look very similar. However, this palm was later on grouped with other palms that are believed to be native to South America, while coconut palms are common to most tropical countries. Unlike the fruits of the coconut palm, which are edible, the fruits of queen palm cannot be eaten, and thus, they are only ornamental. These beautiful and majestic palms can grow as high as 50 feet, which means that you cannot grow it indoors, unless they are genetically modified. They look best planted in a single line, ideal for driveways or pathways. If you are thinking of growing queen palms, you should look for specialized tree care tips to keep them healthy and green.

Most online and book sources would tell you that queen palms require a lot of sunlight, which is understandable since they thrive well in tropical climate. If you live in a cold country, you better make sure that they can still get a lot of sunshine. Position them where the sun would reach them, especially when they are still young. They also need ample amount of water, and in some cases, fertilizers. Once they’ve grown to a considerable height, you also need to check for pests, and you also have to prune them to keep them healthy. Just as it is with other ornamental plants, they need to always be healthy and strong, since they add up to the beauty of your lawn. Just try planting them and treating them right, and if you need more information, there are more tree care tips online.


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