Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Two recent studies illustrating the negative effects of sleep deprivation on the body have reached independent conclusions that ignore the relation between their found results. The first study out of the University of Chicago found that middle aged adults not achieving sufficient amounts of sleep illustrated a 37% risk of raised blood pressures and hypertension over a five year period. The second study released during a meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies found that the risk of obesity was raised by insufficient amounts or an over abundance of sleep.

These studies are important in illustrating the need for the often prescribed eight hours of sleep however the medical community seems to attack the symptoms on a piecemeal basis rather than using a holistic approach.

Walking has been shown to increase the quality of sleep, lower blood pressure and assist in the loss of weight yet garners little attention in today’s media. If  were a pill produced by GlaxoSmithKline it would be front page news, however the message of self health restoration goes unheeded.

The challenge for most is finding the time to walk a minimum five miles in a day to restore health. There are numerous lifestyle change suggestions in the media however very few of us heed the advice. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, not when we are running behind in appointments. Park far away from our destination and walk, not if it is cold, rainy or an unknown neighborhood.

The facts are clear. Americans are desk bound at work and couch bound at home. Changing behaviors is easier said then done unless the behavioral change is automatic.

This is perhaps the most powerful attribute of a treadmill desk. It is automatic, there is no thought involved, no will power needed, no dramatic life change and no additional time commitment. One simply completes their daily desk tasks standing and/or walking at their desks rather than sitting.

The health rewards are overwhelming and immediate. Sleep patterns improve, the body’s ability to ward off major diseases is enhanced, cognitive abilities increase along with productivity levels, mood levels increase, and of course excess pounds are shed.

The human body evolved to care for itself based on life patterns which have developed over millions of years. Movement of the body is critical to its ability to heal itself. Treadmill desks allow the body to stay in motion during the day providing the healing powers it needs to achieve a quality life.



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