Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

1. Birthday Decor & Signage – A birthday party is not complete without a hanging birthday banner. Instead of using the old one that you’ve pulled out for the last 10+ birthdays, create a personalized banner to complete your decorating plans. Adding their name and maybe how old they are will create a personalized banner to be remembered.

2. Over the Hill Birthday – So, these parties may be a little tricky to plan for or hard to decorate for, other than the traditional use of black this, black that, old things, etc. For your next 40th or over the hill birthday, create a customized banner online that showcases the birthday guy or gal’s name but, that’s not all; instead of using the cliche black, why not pick something out that emphasizes that persons unique qualities? That one thing you won’t let them live down, even after X years. Be sure to include design elements that jabs or hints without embarrassing them too much.

3. Which Way Do I Go? – Hanging banners are not just for the person having a personalised birthday banners; you may need to have a custom vinyl banner hanging outside for those visitors who may have a hard time finding your house (even with directions). Don duct tape or plastic sitting around your house work well to create your own. Especially if you do not have good handwriting. You know those kind of signs are always hard to read. Create a custom banner online with the birthday party information, and an arrow or brief direction text to make sure they can find their way to the party easily.

4. 1st Birthday – The big 1st birthday party – no better time than this special event to create a personalized birthday banner to hang proudly for your guests to go goo-goo, gaga over. Let your child go online and design it with you’s name, and choose from all the adorable designs to create a hanging banner for your party. It will be one for the memory books.

5. Photo S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E! – You know you want to…put that picture of your spouse, friend, or relative in the local newspaper to wish them a Happy Birthday! Go one step further with your SURPRISE – design a personalized birthday banner and surprise the birthday guy/gal with on that special day. For extra impact, use your favorite photo of them in your design. This will be sure to surprise them, big time.

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