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League of Legends games are won in the early game. For many matches, whichever team can rack up the gold the quickest will be walking away the winner. While there are many ways to earn gold in League of Legends, perhaps the fastest is to kill minions and neutral monsters. In the early game, you won’t have anywhere near enough power to take on the enemy champions.

Each kill of a minion will grant you some creep score (CS) which translates to gold. However, just pounding on the enemy isn’t going to be enough. Outside of a few monsters, the only one gaining any gold from the death of an enemy is those who land the last hit blow. If you can nail consistent last-hit blows, you will be rolling in the gold.

On this page, we are going to share the top 10 tips for landing those last hit kills.

1. Practice

You don’t become good at League of Legends without a lot of practice.

League of Legends has a dedicated practice mode for this reason. Play about in it. Learn how many hits a specific minion or monster takes to kill. Learn how much damage you can do.

Over time, you will start to become much more familiar with how everything works in the game. You will learn the best lanes for attacking minions, you will learn the best way to let off your skills, and you will learn the best times to run back to your base.

2. Use Your Minions

This is perhaps one of the most important tips in the top 10 tips for landing those last hit kills.

Bad players will spend their time wailing on a single minion/monster at a time. While you will end up killing it, this isn’t the best use of your time.

You are only being rewarded for those last hits. This means that you want your minions/towers to do the bulk of the killing. You just want to jump in there with a quick attack and be done.

So, always stick with your minions. Go where they go. Focus on what they attack. Learn the exact moment when you should launch your attack on the enemy.

3. Learn To Kill Effectively Under Towers

Perhaps the toughest place to LoL Script score those last-hit kills will be around one of your towers. This is because the towers will cause a phenomenal amount of damage. Sadly, combat around the towers can’t always be avoided. If you want to score those last hits, then you will need to use a bit of strategy. This strategy will depend on the type of character that you are using:

  • For melee and auto-attack characters, let the tower get in 2 hits and then you aim the third one. Skills work well here, but auto attacks can do wonders with stronger characters.
  • For ranged characters, you want to get off the first hit, your tower should get off the second, and then you get the killing blow.

Of course, the amount of health of a minion will change as the game goes on, so you may have to adjust the strategy slightly. However, for the early game, when CS is most important, these tips work.

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