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The most common questions, many people would ask are; what is boiler servicing? Why is it required? How do we know when the boiler requires servicing? If the need arises, how do you carry out the process of gas boiler service?

To find a simple answer to all those questions, you could ask yourself why you take a bath or shower and clean yourself on a regular basis – what would happen if you did not take a shower for a month, or a year? Well, the answer is a lot more obvious now. In short, you feel a lot fresher and that results in better performance.

The same can be said for all equipment and machines, including boilers. Boiler servicing deals with the various aspects of boiler maintenance. It can include checking, cleaning, testing and fault spotting. It checks and examines the full boiler system to establish whether it is properly installed and fully functional. The result of the boiler servicing is better performance and efficiency from the boiler, so that it can meet the expectations of the person who has invested in buying it.

Now comes the tricky question, when do we know when a boiler requires boiler servicing? Even when the boiler seems to be working properly, it can have potential faults that are not easily identifiable. In most cases, things would seem to go very smoothly from the outside, but you cannot be sure. These hidden faults, however, can be spotted only when a boiler service is carried out. A recommendation from most manufacturers is to get the servicing done once every year at the very least. However, it can be more frequent as well depending upon the requirements and satisfaction of the consumer, and how frequently do they want their boiler system to be inspected. Furthermore, once the boiler gets older and outdated, the servicing needs to increase in frequency.

The ‘how’ part is not that difficult to answer as it might seem to some. All you need to do is hire an expert or firm that undertakes boiler servicing as a profession. The service provider should be qualified, licensed from the relevant authorities for the servicing for boilers, and registered on the Gas Safe Register. Due to the competitive nature of this service industry, many engineers and firms would be willing to offer their services at very competitive prices. This will enable them to capture the lucrative market by carrying out boiler servicing, replacements and new installations.

The user manual that comes with every installation of the boiler system can provide further details about the frequency of the service and other details. Furthermore, the manufacturer company can also provide plenty of assistance in terms of answering your queries.


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