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This guide is excellent for beginners, any beginner who reads this guide will automatically have an unfair advantage over his/her competition. Newcomers can avoid many mistakes and save lots of time and frustrations simply by reading the starter guide included inside Ultimate WoW.

The Ultimate WoW Guide includes an exclusive 1-70 Alliance and Horde leveling guide. Just these two leveling guides alone is worth paying for the Ultimate WoW Guide in my opinion, if you are looking to get a stand-alone leveling guide, you are paying $30-40 each.

Believe it or not, we’re just scratching the surface of this amazing Minecraft adventure maps guide. The Ultimate WoW Guide also includes a class guide with sample builds and gear recommendations; A profession powerleveling guide for all professions, this is a big time saver as it tells you the fastest and most cost-efficient way to level from 1-375.

Are you still with me, the Ultimate WoW Guide also has its very own gold guide, it teaches you some nice techniques that can help you make around 150 gold per hour consistently. Not too shabby at all!

For more advanced players, you will definitely benefit from the class macro list, for those of you who raid like I do; you will definitely understand what lifesavers these little babies are.

You really can’t ask for more in a WoW guide. Sure you could probably find some of this information on Google or embedded in forums, but Ultimate WoW Guide puts everything together into perspective in an organized and well-written manner. This will save you tons of time searching around and give you more time playing the actual game. You got a question? Chances are this guide has the answer.

Jim Wapp is a WoW enthusiast; he is constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to do things in-game. He is also an active raider and generous contributor to his guild.

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