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If your partner is cheating on you then you can work it out easily. It’s not rocket science to know when somebody’s being dishonest with you. Don’t over complicate the process it’s very simple. Things you need to look out for are that you will find that their behavior changes in ways that you can’t even recognize. You can usually pick up on these changes when you’re doing even the simplest of things with them.

They change their body language towards you. This means less contact physically and emotionally.
When once they loved and could not stop touching you, now they barely touch you at all. What I mean by that is when you hold their hand, they break contact. When you try to hug them they move away. However they don’t do it so obviously.

They create a diversion. The escape from tarkov cheats funny thing is when you try to make contact they suddenly get up and go off to the kitchen, or they decide to go back upstairs. To be honest with you there are 1 million ways I could explain to you what these diversion tactics are, but you know what they are.
So watch out for that one.

Also the funny thing is when you complain about their behavior they start complaining back. For example if you say you never kiss me, they will come back with I just kissed you the other day. The truth is they did not kiss you, and you know for a fact that they did not. So the question is who they are talking about, and who have they been kissing?

They must be talking about someone; otherwise they would not have said that. Finding out who this other person is, is going to be a tough decision you have to make.

You need to have the right tools, and a plan of action.

A word of warning for when you engage in behavior like this with them, it starts becoming second nature to them. They know they can tell you anything and convince you that they are right and you’re wrong. The situation becomes even worse when they start lying, for example they will forget what they just said, and make it out as if you are the bad guy. Like you are forcing them and trying to make them say something that they did not say.


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