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Many businesses do not consider choosing a toll free phone number to be a major decision. After all, running a company, and especially a small company, is very hard work, and there are quite a few things to consider along the way. How important could a phone number be, and could a vanity number really make a big difference?

In a word, absolutely. Vanity toll free phone numbers can make a huge difference in a business’s day to day operations and profits, and they’re quite worthy of careful consideration for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of a business’s product or approach, a well-chosen vanity number is one of the most profitable purchases possible.

The most obvious advantage of a vanity toll free phone number is the name recognition that it instantly develops for a company’s phone lines and subsequently, its services. Studies have shown that humans can recall up to seven numerical digits from their short-term memories, but that they have a much easier time remembering patterns and words. It is easy to see how advantageous a toll free phone number with these types of patterns might be, as businesses with easy-to-remember 800 vanity numbers will undoubtedly get a higher volume of calls from a wider variety of clients.

This name recognition also presents a branding opportunity for companies that use toll free numbers. It is one thing to buy a memorable number, but it’s quite another to develop a close sense of association between a vanity number and a company’s work. With the right advertising approach, many companies accomplish just that with a vanity number and are able to build an automatic response in their customers by simply showing the number regularly on commercials and print ads. This is a concept that local businesses have grasped for years. Think of all of the furniture and automotive companies in any given area that have developed reputations using vanity numbers alone. However, it is not limited to local businesses-any company can profit from the branding opportunities of a vanity line.

Vanity numbers aren’t just memorable to customers; they make quite an impression on businesses too. That same sense of branding that develops a customer base works for business contacts and can be the key to getting powerful connections in the business world that can turn into long-lasting, profitable relationships. Including a vanity toll free phone number on all correspondence builds a company’s reputation and can make a business seem more reliable and trustworthy. Vanity numbers are powerful status symbols in the business world. In the right hands, they are a big advantage that can help to develop corporate accounts that would otherwise be completely unobtainable.

The best benefits of a vanity number come from the incorporation of other technologies. With a high-quality phone system and a vanity toll free phone number, for instance, small businesses can appear considerably larger than they actually are. More calls can be handled at one time thanks to the advanced features of the phone system, and more calls will be coming in thanks to the vanity toll free phone number.

Businesses with toll free phone numbers will invariably do better than their competition, at least when it comes to phone traffic, by selecting a memorable and brand-establishing phone number. It is a very inexpensive and extremely effective way to establish a name, even in crowded markets. A toll free number that incorporates a word or pattern may not seem like much, but it is business 101 at its core: a successful form of advertising that gains power and influence with each repetition.


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