Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Hey, if you’re reading this I believe that you’re struggling to get that magic going with women at bars and clubs. They are really tough places to meet women, I mean, you have all this noise and the competition is fierce. Let’s face it, 90% of the guys who go out to this type of places are just looking for girls, but only about 15% know the techniques on how to be a player, so your chances of success are really high if you know the things that really make a difference when trying to pickup girls.

You have to be sharp if you want to succeed with women in those places. Ok, I’m going to tell you 3 tips to improve your success when you’re out looking for love: (Wow, that sound very romantic!)

1. Don’t go out to a bar on your own. Maybe you’re all excited to go out and meet new girls, but if you go alone, I’m sure that you going to feel a little bit strange and lonely as soon as you arrive. If you’re new Brewery Bellingha in town or you don’t have any friends who like to go out to these places, find somebody that has the same interests, that way you can help each other in this wonderful quest. If you partner has skills when it comes to talking to women, even better, you want all the help that you can get.

2. Approach the girl you like fast and without hesitation. If you wait for that perfect and magic moment to approach, you’ll going to end up waiting all night long. You have to get your conversation openers fresh and ready in your mind. (I’m not talking about pickup lines, conversation openers are just a bunch of lines that will help you to make conversation). The guy who really know how to be a player don’t use pickup lines.

3. Approach girls who are only with one or two female friends. When you approach you have to engage the whole group of girls if you don’t want to be dumped. If you’re novice on this subject, you’ll going to find extremely hard to entertain more than 3 girls (Hell, it’s hard to engage just one girl, go figure). So, make the approach with your partner and aim for he groups with only 2 o 3 girls. If there’s a guy in the group, make sure you get to know the relationship between the guy and the girls before you make you move. The last thing you want is an angry boyfriend chasing you all around the bar.


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