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Search engine marketing of course is the art of doing things, both on page, and off, that stimulate the search engines to rank your web page above the web pages of other web sites optimized for the same keyword.

Now the idea here is that, for a given keyword, all you have to do is to do things an Edwin Urrutia little better than the #1 result for that keyword, and given time, holding all other things constant, you should be able to snag the #1 spot for that keyword.

Now, in the earlier editions of this, I taught about on-page and off-page techniques, so I won’t elaborate here.

But how do you apply these techniques so that you can win the search engine war? (This is continued from ‘Search Engine Marketing 105’)

2) Type in your preferred keyword in a search engine. Look at each of the results. Are the keywords appearing, not just in the titles, but also in the results themselves? Are the keywords, especially in the order in which you are typing them, coming up in the results?

Again, just making changes to your title, your description, and your content, can make a big difference in where you rank.

3) Check out the page rank of the pages. Know your own page rank. Know the page rank of the article directories to which you submit. Are several of the web pages showing lower page ranks than you are? If so, with just a little bit of work, fine tuning and such, you should be able to break into the top ten rankings for that keyword.

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