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Rooftop Bar, an emerging BPO hub is now in competition with the top developed cities of India. Close to the capital city of India and located in the state of Haryana, Gurgaon is gradually becoming one of the leading financial centers of the country. With the aid of the highly developed real estate sector, the city now boasts of being spotted with huge buildings of MNCs, BPOs and offices of other manufacturing giants. Since a huge chunk of the section of society consists of techies and business professionals, and to vie with their urban lifestyle, recreational places including sprawling shopping malls and Rooftop Bar and night clubs have sprung up across the city.

The Night Clubs and Bars of Gurgaon

Buzz – Buzz is a restaurant cum bar located in the second floor of the DLF City Center Mall. A wide range of liquors and wines are offered here. Some of the specialties include Buzz Masala, Green Apple Martini and the Black Russian. Palatable Indian Chinese and Mexican cuisines are also served here.

The retro ambience of the bar is sure to attract you.

Mojo Bar – This bar is one of the favorite pubs for the city residents. The place is perfect for night out leisure seekers who are offered with amazing cocktails and Vodkas punched with serves like Hungry Eyes, Dr. Mojo and Absolute Blue. You will also get to taste here the bar specialties like chicken Steak Diane and the Burra Kababs.

The wonderful melodious ambience created by DJ Vikram Sean will be perfect for you to shake your legs in the dance floor.

Odyssey – The Odyssey bar is located at the Sahara Mall. Here visitors can get to choose their ideal drink from a good collection of wines, whiskeys and blended cocktails. Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Iranian, Mediterranean are the varieties of foods served.

The DJ fills the air with soothing Pop and Indi-pop numbers.

The other frequently visited Gurgaon bars and night clubs are The Fox bar, Barrique bar, Last Chance bar and Staying Alive bar.

The Haryana Government has taken several initiatives to favor the thriving Gurgaon bars and night clubs. The rate of excise duties is lowered to a great extent. By merely paying about 20 lakhs the hotels of Gurgaon are allowed to keep their bars open for 24 hours. Timings of the bars can be extended for 2 hours by paying an extra amount of 5 lakhs as duty tax by the bar and night club owners.


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