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You walk into an office, whether it is an assistant or the managing director of a major corporation and what is one of the common sights you’ll find on their desk? A mug, a coffee mug, a cocoa mug or a mug that has come to be a pen and pencil holder, but you see the mug. You see the mug, which in itself proves the point that mugs get noticed, which also proves the point that promotional mugs serve a great purpose in getting a company’s message or logo out where others will see it. They get your brand out there in plain sight for all to see.

Mugs are a great corporate gifts supplier malaysia for that very reason. People use mugs and people who receive such gifts are more apt to display them in their place of business where those who frequent that area will see the brand, logo or message on the mug, instantly utilizing not only the advertising potential, but an implied endorsement of the company represented on the mug. After all, the owner of the mug, that individual who uses that product or service wouldn’t display such a mug if they didn’t feel favourably toward it, which means if that person has any credibility at all, they have just recommended the firm represented on the mug.

Considering the tradition of giving gifts to employees, why not utilise that tradition in a practical manner, by giving promotional mugs which give your company better exposure in the work place, but also elsewhere. Imagine given your employees a mug with your company’s logo, name or contact information being taken home by even half of your employees and used there. Suppose those employees have coffee with a neighbour and that neighbour just happens to be in need of your product or service. What a great conversation starter that could steer that potential consumer to your company. All because you were thoughtful enough to give an employee a gift and savvy enough to use such an inexpensive media to get your company’s name out in the public eye.

Of course, mugs needn’t stop with the corporate world. They make great gifts from anyone to anyone. Family photos can be depicted on mugs, sharing those precious memories of holidays or family reunions. Mugs can remind of us such special times in our lives. Churches, schools, civic organisations have long valued this media for promoting their groups as well as sharing inspirational and uplifting messages with others. What a special way to say “they care” to someone who may need to get a lift each morning from the mug, as well as what’s inside. For that matter, what a great way to tell others you care.


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