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It’s Monday morning and you’ve just gotten out of the shower. After a rather hasty shampoo and scrub down, you pull out your trusty old hair dryer and plug it in to the wall and nothing happens. Not a sound, not a buzz and not even an ounce of heated air is making its way out of the concentrated nozzle. You hair is sopping wet and your blow dryer has decided that today is the day that it will finally bite the dust. You have to get a new one fast but, you haven’t shopped for a new hair dryer in years. There are so many newer options and models available, where should you begin?

When searching for a new beauty tool like a hair styling tools manufacturer, you need to first create a list of the things that you both need and want from one. What about your old model did you love and what things about it did you wish you could have changed? Some of the qualities that you should always consider include: durability, whether or not is is made of high quality materials, price, weight and size. These are the basics of any machine and should be considered at the top of your list when looking into buying a new hair dryer. Think of them like a sturdy metal pan when you are baking cupcakes. You cannot just throw random globs of batter into the oven and expect delicious, well defined results now can you? Researching these first five factors will help you to narrow down the kind of blow dryer that you need and help during the decision making process.

The next set of things that you should always consider when searching for a new hair dryer are what I like to think of as the cupcake of the product. They are the foundation of any high quality blow dryer and you should never settle for one that does not meet certain requirements. This could include: the kind of heat generated by the machine itself, the amount of concentrated air flow the blow dryer emits, the type of hair or texture that the blow dryer is geared towards, the kinds of hair care related issues the dryer is meant to improve or create and any positive or negative reviews that you find about the hair dryer itself. You should try to find a model that emits a lot of heat, a steady air flow and maybe even one that focuses on improving your individualized hair type. For example: there are models that are made especially for cutting down on the frizz and static associated with people who have a finer hair texture. And steer clear of any models that have dozens of negative reviews. If a lot of people are saying that the hair dryer is cheap and not worth the money, you should listen to them.

When searching for a high quality blow dryer, you want one that uses Ceramic heat. Cheaper hair dryers will produce heat from either metal or plastic sources which will cause serious damage to your hair causing it to break off. So rather than blasting your hair with hot air and boiling it essentially, Ceramic based dryers warm the hair in a more gentle, less damaging way. You also want a hair dryer that puts out more than 1300 watts. Basically, the more watts a dryer emits, the faster your hair will dry and the less overall damage you will have.

In addition to these key factors, you need to make sure that your hair dryer model has several heat/speed settings so that you can find the right combination for you hair. And as a bonus, you may want to investigate a particular model that has specially designed technologies like the Remington Company’s Pearl technology line of dryers that emit crushed pearls in addition to heated air to give you hair a more conditioned texture and shine.

After you have researched the foundational elements for which hair dryer type you wish to purchase, it is time to consider a hair dryer’s accessories, bonuses or what I like to think of as the icing on the cupcake! So many modern models come with accessory tools, attachments or bonus gifts in order to entice you to buy. You need to consider which kinds of accessories you would like from a blow dryer and whether or not a model’s having them or not having them would prevent or cause you to buy one model over the other. The kinds of accessories that could potentially come with a blow dryer model include: travel case, concentrated air flow nozzle, comb nozzle, beauty care bonus gifts like argon oil packets, warranties and coupons. Just keep in mind that a majority of these kinds of extras are universal and can be purchased separately at any beauty supply store. So just because a model comes with a fancy attachment does not make it the best choice for you. Do your homework and read up on what makes a particular model special or not.



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