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For a first-time immigration applicant, it is important to make a careful choice for an immigration consultant firm. One needs to be sure enough before investing in any of their claims or services.

In today time, there are several immigration consultant firms cropping up, offering consultancy and application process assistance services to clients across the globe. Especially in Canada, there are several companies who offer comprehensive packages to applicants and assist them till the day they settle down in their chosen province in Canada.

But with so many choices available to the applicants and prospective immigrants, careful and well-sorted selection depends on the policies and services offered by these firms. In general, a successful and highly reputed firm literally thrives on its money back policy and its reassurance strategies.

Money back policy of an immigration consultant firm, especially, stresses on the principles of refunding money to the applicants in case there application is not cleared by the immigration authorities of the concerned State. The reimbursement policy of firms also instills faith among the prospective clients as it indicates the confidence of a firm in its services.

In most cases, immigration companies refund the professional fees paid by the applicants in case of application rejection. The immigration applications rejected for reasons apart from Canadian health requirements, security concerns or misrepresentation are reimbursed by the firms.

This policy is the highlight of any reliable and trustworthy immigration consultancy firm in Canada. They understand the importance of gaining trust of the applicants and hence, fees refund is a must-have. The successful companies also believe in including this policy for offering transparent service to the clients and helping them spend wisely in their immigration processes. The policy generally covers a wide scope of expenses incurred during the application processing including administrative costs, communication expenses and legal or professional services.


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