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Using of essential oils in aromatherapy is inevitable. Various essential oils contribute their significance in aromatherapy. One among such oils is lavender oil.

Essential Oils Supplier is extracted from lavender tree that is also known as Lavendula officinalis. During the extraction of this oil, a delicate process is followed, where generally water or steam is used. The oil, distilled from lavender tree contains the pure scent of the tree itself. Lavender oil looks clear with a bit touch of yellow. This oil is not so oily. Hence, in aromatherapy, this oil is considered as one among the thinnest Rose Oil.

The odor of lavender oil is medium and considered as one of most relaxing smell. Normally, this aroma is neither so strong nor so light; instead the smell is sweet. In aromatherapy, while diluting lavender oil, mainly sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or grape seed oil is used as carrier oils.

Lavender oil in aromatherapy is used for treating various diseases. Massaging with mingled lavender oil can bring the effect of relaxation and calmness. In aromatherapy, many skin problems, like, acne, allergies, oily skin, scar skin, stretch marks etc can be treated with lavender oil. Hot bath with a few drops of the oil will assure you about relieving anxiety, whereas, a cool bath with this oil will bring a feeling of refresh. Lavender oil can act as facial and skin oil superlatively for healing various skin problems.

Massaging with this oil works effectively in case of headache, on the other hand, in healing of hypertension, sunburn pain, insects’ or mosquitoes’ bite, bruises, minor-burn, blisters, athlete’s foot, reduce labor pain, lavender oil works well indeed.

Lavender oil can be kept in First Aid box. With this oil, minor injuries, like burns, cut etc can be healed. Many a time, lavender oil is used in treatment of various nervous problems, such as, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension, stress, PMS, restlessness etc. In such cases, in aromatherapy, patients are recommended simply to inhale the fragrance that effects on the central nervous system positively. Respiratory problems like, asthma, bronchitis, halitosis, throat infection, whooping cough can be solved with lavender oil as well.

But always keep in your mind to dilute it with some carrier oil before using and also make sure that there is no allergic reaction on the skin. At the same time, it is also recommended to be careful during the purchase of lavender oil.

Do you want to keep yourself healthy and being well? Usage of lavender oil will be the right option for you. With enormous advantages, this oil has become an important component of aromatherapy.

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