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What should you look for when choosing a yoga teacher training program? We get asked this question regularly. There are many training programs out there, and there is a big difference between them. Here are some tips to help take advantage of the selection process for you.

1. Program Approved by Your State

In some countries, any school that claims to provide Yoga School in rishikesh should be approved or recognized by the authorities. Programs are approved by based on compliance with quality requirements.

2. The Instructor Trainer’s Experience

Once you have confirmed the school is authorized by the state authorities, then look at the instructors. How much encounter does the teacher have training others? Educating others how to teach is a unique skill and, to be honest, not many yoga instructors have all the skills necessary to be a good teacher instructor. It requires years of knowledge and experience; the capability to communicate clearly and motivate others; organizational skills; teaching ability; and a higher level of moral responsibility. The instructor should be well known by their colleagues in the yoga community. They should care more about motivating learners to their potential than promoting themselves.

3. The School’s Reputation

What is the reputation of the teacher and the school? Qualifications can look good on paper, but more important is the particular encounter others have had in it. Ask yoga instructors which school they recommend. Ask the school for sources from former students so you can hear first from someone who has gone through the teacher training program.

4. The Content of the Training

The content of training programs will vary. Make sure you know kind of yoga is offered. Does this type resonate with you? Does the program encourage the development of your own teaching? What topics will be covered in the training?

Ask the school if you can evaluate their curriculum and training guide. When you look at the course components, does the program look organized? Does the content cover what you want to learn?

Make sure it instructs you how to “teach” yoga, which is hard than exercising. You will want to know how to provide best demonstrations. Does it provide any opportunity for the instructors to show their teaching abilities and give feedback? To become a good teacher, one needs direct and honest reviews. Is student teaching and apprenticing required? This is how yoga was trained for many years, working straight under a good teacher.

Yoga is forever of research. A good program will expand your own personal practice; give you the knowledge and abilities you need to educate yoga easily and effectively; help you see your direction more clearly and motivate you to discover more. Use your skills and do your homework, but in the end, follow your heart. It will lead to the direction that is best for you.


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