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In the second part of this two part series I am going to share some more internet marketing for plumbers tips. In this article you will learn how to use the power of internet video to attract more clients to your plumbing business.

Even if you are not a particularly computer savvy individual, you have probably heard of the free internet video service called YouTube. YouTube gets millions of visitors who are searching for all kinds of different topics. YouTube videos are even showing up in Google’s organic search results pages. For example, if you typed in Google a search term such as Plumber Mount Annan and then a city’s name there’s a good chance that there will be some video results on the first page! You could be taking advantage of the power of YouTube by posting a few videos about your business.

To make a video for the internet you don’t need a fancy camera. There are video cameras in the 150-200 dollar range that are specifically made for filming internet videos. They can connect to your computer through a simple USB port. If you choose to film your own video make sure that you keep it short, no more than a few minutes or your customers will lose interest. Try to look friendly and relaxed on camera and talk about your plumbing business. You can talk about when it was founded, what you specialize in, and any specials that you are offering. Talk about anything that would instill a sense of trust in your customers or anything that might entice them to call. Don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of your video such as calling or visiting your website.

If you are camera shy there are other ways to make videos by using pictures, audio, and text. There are actually a few websites that can easily help you to do this such as Animoto ( which charges for commercial use or flixtime ( a lower cost alternative.

Some other interesting ideas for videos are to make a video of a customer’s testimony or to upload a video of a camera inspection of a pipeline (if you offer that service). With a little imagination the possibilities are endless.

When you upload your video to YouTube make sure that you put your keywords in the title of your YouTube video and in the description. Make sure to put a link to your website at the beginning of your video’s description so that a potential customer can easily click through. Now you can sit back and let your videos bring you customers!

I hope you enjoyed my two part series on internet marketing for plumbers. If you missed the first part of the series please check out the link below:


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