Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

There are two types of candidates for a job. They are inexperienced versus experienced. No matter what, both types will need to have a resume that is presentable when applying for a job. The hiring company does not know you and the resume is first thing they look at before anything. The goal is to make your resume interesting enough that they will want to call you for an in-person interview.

The main thing is to have as little “white space” as possible on your online resumes. You want to fill it up as much as you can. For those that don’t have much experience, you can put down any extra curricular activities that you have done such as volunteer work or any INTERNSHIPS. If you haven’t done so, up on some information about internships.

Writing a resume is easy, but writing an attracting and useful resume is a skill. There are actually some companies that can help you format your resume into a more appealing one. One of them that my friend tried was Amazing Resume Creator. I believe the price is pretty decent if you want professional help on your resume. Obviously, most people try to write their own but if you are having trouble, go check them out.

Having a decent resume is definitely the key to landing an interview. Also for those that are still in college or finished up with college, you can try to put down some related courses you took that you feel may be useful for the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for an entry level job in finance, you may want to list some finance courses such as Investment Analysis, Data Analysis, Economics, and even some Accounting classes.


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