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Modern car with tint back windows.

The first thing you will need is the correct tools.

The basic tools of glass tinting are a spray bottle with soapy water, a squeegee and a stainless steel scraper.

To remove window film, first try to lift the corner.

If possible, you will be able to rip the film off in one sheet and just be left with the glue to clean.

This is the best case scenario. Following this spray the glass with some soapy water and ensure to use stainless steel razors or steel wool to clean off the glue.

If you need you may want to use a heat gun to peel the film off slowly. It is hard work but you will get there in the end.

The durability of window Brow today are now 4th Generation and extremely more advanced than those of the past.

Basically if you are looking for a good window film the USA and Israel have been making the best films for the past 20 years.

Originally designed in the USA for the space program you will find that most films coming from the States even with dyes in them are very high quality. A dry adhesive window tint will chemically bond to the glass for flat glass and a metallised dyed film will heat shrink easily for your car tinting.

How to apply window films to flat glass.

Cut your window tinting 1 inch over size to the piece of glass to be allied.

Cut the top edge straight and wet another surface to use as a peeling board with the backing sheet out.

Spray the window with soapy water – I use baby shampoo as it has few additives – and thoroughly scrape with a razor blade.

Wipe the top edge and squeegee the window angling your squeegee down.

Spray down the edges of the rubber and across the bottom.

Remove the backing sheet from the tint film and wet the film.

Apply to the glass lining up the top edge leaving a 1mm gap.

Squeegee the tint film out.

Now cut the excess film from around the edges using a 1mm spacer and a small Stanly knife.

Use a rag and a hard card to push the water from the remaining edges of the film.

It is quite normal for the film to have moisture in it or a hazy appearance for approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Overall, if you need to remove window tint or do it yourself window tinting or want to know the truth about quality of window tinting hopefully this article will help you.

I have been tinting windows now for 20 years and am situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast Qld Australia which is quite warm.


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