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There are many components to being a good manager. While a full discussion of all these qualities would be quite lengthy, there are some which are common to most managers. Here are three suggestions, which should help you manage your employees more effectively:

1. Clearly spell out what your expectations are

Your expectations should include guiding principles, which serve as a basic overview of what each part of your organization seeks to accomplish. These can detail some common stakeholders, as well as what their relationship to the organization is expected to be like. When necessary, you should also create explicit procedures for your business, which include best practices within your business, and especially when different ways of performing a procedure result in dramatically different outcomes. With this combination, you can be flexible on less significant matters, but appropriately strict in those cases when you must be. This also has the advantage of being appealing to good employees: They recognize that the rules have reasons behind them, and are not just arbitrary decisions made for short-sighted reasons.

2. Encourage your employees to continually ask the question: “What would I do, if I were the owner?”

This is probably the most important work philosophy you can instill in your employees Cape Coral. Once you have a clear set of guiding principles, and explicit procedures, you should realize that there will always be some situations which are not covered. When your employees take ownership for making the best decision possible in unique situations, your business will generally be the better for it than if employees are forced to follow policies strictly.

3. Encourage your employees to help each other

When your employees actively help each other, their efforts can wind up in a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. Explained differently, you can get more out of employees who are all helping each other work towards common goals, than those who are working in opposition to each other. As a good manager, there are several things you can do to foster this. First, you should regularly seek out examples of employees who are working well together, and reward this behavior if you want more of it. Second, you should seek to remove the obstacles which can arise when one employee can only succeed by hindering their co-workers. Finally, you should remove problem employees who continually can not (or will not) work well with other employees, despite ample encouragement to do so.

So, when you write down expectations, get employees to take ownership of making important decisions, and get employees to assist each other, it is possible for you to be much more effective as a manager. This enables you to get better work from all your employees, which then results in better financial results for your operations as a whole.


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