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By becoming a participating dental provider with an affordable plan network, you could help those people in need of care get the help they need without them having to struggle financially.

As a practitioner, you will also experience a whole host of other benefits – including discounted dental supplies, an increase in patients and a long-lasting partnership with a leading healthcare provider.

By offering your services to an established provider, you’ll be able to broaden your practice with a well-known, reputable company that can bring you recognition in your field, as well as a number of other financial and career-boosting benefits.

By joining a discount programme with a reduced fee-for-service wholesale dental supplies plan, you will be able to increase your patient base with employer groups, families and individuals in your local area. This will allow you to market your practice to millions of existing and new members every day and better your reputation.

Not only will you be able to enjoy discounted dental supplies from the plan provider’s many partners and contacts, but you will also reap the benefits of a national marketing and advertising campaign. This could include billboards, TV adverts and print media – all of which will be provided at no cost to you.

In terms of monetary gain, you will receive immediate cash flow and experience decreased collections. Payments are usually made in full at the time of service, so there will be no waiting around for invoices to be paid.

What’s more, providing affordable care means you will experience an increase in patient retention, securing your income and furthering your career possibilities. You will get to know your patients personally, building trust and ultimately, a long-term patient/dentist relationship.

Your patients are also more likely to recommend you to other family members, colleagues and friends if they are seeing you on a regular basis. Most discounted plans offer patients the chance to schedule unlimited visits, so your patient load will definitely increase, which will boost your reputation in the area.

Working with one of these affordable plans is simple and hassle-free. There are no laborious claim forms for you or your staff to complete, so you won’t lose precious practice time on lengthy admin tasks.

You will also benefit from a customer service department who are there to support you and your staff members. This team is comprised of specially trained consultants who will be available during working hours to answer any of your questions about patient care, plans and policies.

In order to join an affordable dental plan network, search online for those operating in your state, county or area. There will usually be a simple form to fill in which will include details of your office, practice type, full name and address. You will also need to provide details of your office manager.

During your application process, you may need to provide evidence of your credentials or practice information. This is a relatively quick and simple process, however, and won’t take long to complete. You could be offering your services to a barrage of new patients in no time!

The provider will then supply you with all of the necessary paperwork, either by post or e-mail. You may also be able to join by via phone if you prefer. Spend some time online researching the different providers operating nationally to see which ones are offering the best benefits.

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