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You are considered for an F-1 visa when you have been selected at an American college or university for full time academic program. However, the University or college that you intend joining has to be accredited by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and by the Student Exchange Program. The F-1 visa is valid for as long as you need to complete the academic program that you have joined and you are given authorization to work for a fixed number of hours (usually 20 hours) on campus.

After your application for admission is accepted you will be issued an I-20 Form and it will form the basis of the Form I-901 that is mandatory along with the fee for the Student Exchange Visitor Program. It is after all of this is completed that you can schedule an interview at the US embassy in your home country. Depending upon your course of study, the F-1 visa is granted but there are numerous instances when the visa is refused. Though an interview date is given, you should get all of the documents and paperwork in order which include:

• Old passports

• Details of the academic study program

• Valid passport with minimum 6 months validity after the study program gets over

• Form I-20

• SEVIS Form I-901

• Academic transcripts and certificates

• Proof of funds to sustain stay and tuition in US

It is important to find an accommodation before you move to US and there are a host of options available from staying in the school dorm to staying with an American family. To register with the ‘Home-stay’ program where you can stay with family has to be registered in advance after getting your admissions completed. You may look online and select a home-stay program that suits your requirements.

Under the F-1 rush vietnam visa program, you can peruse training and technical information courses which help you get a lucrative job after your course has been completed. For students studying for a specialized degree in science, technology, mathematics and engineering for 1 year can be extended to 2.5 years but they will need to depart within 2 months after the course is over. Additionally, you can take admission in any of the language or academic programs that provide you with a diploma or a graduate degree. In case you would like to switch to another college in- between the courses that you are perusing, you will be required to intimate the US Citizenship and Immigration Services as per standard procedures.

As per law, students studying on an F-1 visa are allowed to get their spouse and minor children to US on an F-2 visa. It is best to talk with an immigration attorney or a visa advisory service to help you with the visa process. Most of the lawyers dealing with visa and immigration requirements are well-versed with the latest regulations, help with the documentation and interview processes. The attorneys have helped hundreds of students with a variety of different visas over the years.


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