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One of the most popular sports in the country, running just happens to be one of the most participated-in activities that active people enjoy. From early morning runners who do it for exercise to people who run in professional events and marathons, running is an exhilarating sport. It is also one of the causes of many foot, ankle and leg injuries, particularly when people use the wrong kind of shoes or run Customised insoles in Singapore are designed to absorb shock. While popular, running can also be dangerous to foot health.

Foot injuries caused by running are not limited to professional athletes alone, even joggers and amateur runners have seen their share of foot problems as a result of running. Apart from wearing incorrect or ill-fitting shoes, many runners fail to use shock-absorbing insoles.

There are hundreds of kinds of shoes available these days. Walking shoes, running shoes, cross-trainers, aerobic shoes, and custom sneakers, among others. This wide array of footwear tends to confuse most people, especially those who are new to the sport of running. There is even a tendency to choose the wrong kind of shoe, which eventually leads to foot injuries.

There are several things to keep in mind when buying running shoes. One is comfort. If the shoe doesn’t fit right and isn’t comfortable to move about in, it isn’t the right shoe to buy. Another is the arch of a persons foot. The more arched the foot, the more curved the running shoe shape should be. Conversely, people with flat feet should buy straight-shaped shoes.

Not wearing shock absorbing insoles can also increase the risk of foot injuries, thereby endangering foot health. Some of the foot injuries that runners face include Achilles Tendonitis, a dull and sharp pain that occurs at the area where the achilles tendon is found behind the lower leg. The achilles tendon connects a persons heel to his calf muscles.

Another type of injury is called Runners Knee. The shock of running without the correct type of insoles causes the shock of the impact of the feet upon the ground to travel up to the knee. This regular forceful reverberation results in the wearing away of the knee cartilage to the point that the knee starts to hurt and make clicking sounds each time a person runs.

Shin Splints are also caused by the stress placed on a persons legs, particularly on their shins, while they run. If they wear incorrect shoes or fail to use shock absorbing insoles, the weight of their body is not evenly distributed throughout their feet. This leads to an imbalance where the feet compensate for the uneven placement of weight by sending shock and pressure up to ankles and on to the shins, resulting in painful shin splints.

Other running injuries include stress fractures, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis and other lower limb-related conditions. These injuries can be prevented by wearing the correct type of running shoe that is well designed to fit comfortably and support the arch of the feet. Another solution is shock absorbing insoles which cushions the feet from the stress and pressure that running necessarily places on the lower limbs. The correct shoes and insoles not only prevent injuries, they also ensure optimal foot health.


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