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Comfort and beauty should be the criteria for building a house. But most people don’t realize that making a home comfortable, clean, practical and beautiful doesn’t take that much money and time!

All you need is creativity, an eye for good color combinations, and a bit of interior design know-how.

Instead of hanging on hooks on the wall or behind doors, you can hang and store clothes in a corner with curtains. You can put bright, breezy shades on your doors and windows and get rid of heavy curtains. Tidy up your table top and replace it with a proportional vase on your living room table. Ditch the big, chunky sofa for a soft, comfy rug and brightly colored floor cushions. Your guests will definitely be floored by your cnchomedecor.com interior plan.

However, this result does not come instantaneously. It takes more than a little planning. Otherwise, your home interior design will be a jumble of colors and objects. For example, you may find that the new available corner is plenty of room for your TV, and that the entire window light is bouncing off the TV screen.

Be conscious of natural light when arranging your furniture. Natural light must freely enter the room, office space, TV or computer monitor, and not reflect light from overhead or from opposite sides, such as from windows. Or a door that opens towards the sky. Windows and doors must have enough room to open fully.

One principle of home interior design is to have walls and ceilings in pastel shades. This reflects light and brightens the house. Paint doors and windows a similar color or shade to the walls to create a fresh, airy atmosphere.

Curtains add to the atmosphere of a room. Lace curtains bring elegance, while brightly colored curtains liven up a boring room. Dark, heavy curtains provide a peaceful and comfortable environment. You can choose from a variety of color schemes for your bedroom, living room and kitchen interior design.

You can also mix and match the colors of the furniture in your home to reflect your personality in your home design. Wooden cane furniture looks lightweight but is actually sturdy and easily portable. Heavy furniture with cushions represents luxury and relaxation.

Figure out your personality and direct your taste to the interior of your home. After all, it is your own home, sanctuary and refuge.

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