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An expectant mom deserves gifts at her baby shower. Giving baby shower gifts has been a tradition and all that every mom-to-be receives from family members and friends will be appreciated. One particular baby shower gift that is always well-received is a baby jewelry. A beautiful piece of baby jewelry can actually be passed down as a family heirloom. Other customs connected to baby jewelry are: bronzing the baby’s booties when the child did his/her first step on the family mantel; keeping a few of the baby’s first haircut in the locket of his/her mom, which can also be passed down later on from generation to generation.

Perhaps the most popular choice for baby jewelry are baby bracelets. Most baby bracelets can be adjusted into size of a baby’s hand as he/she grows older and are safe than letting a child wear a necklace, which is never recommended. Baby bracelets are available in a wide range of cute selections – from typical circular bangle that can be engraved with a baby’s name or initials to chain charm bracelets that can be adjusted to last for years. Baby charm bracelets can be customized by adding charms that are significant to the child’s life. They are also perfect as christening gifts from godparents. Cute charms are available in a vast array of options such as baby rattles, booties, hats, bibs, pacifiers, and a lot more. There are even tooth holder charms that is meant to keep the baby’s first milk tooth that falls out.

When choosing a baby jewelry however, it is important to consider the safety of the child. Necklaces are not advisable to be worn by babies because they pose danger when entangled around the baby’s neck. This can be worn by a baby during special occasions but the parents should make sure to take it off as soon as it’s not needed. Earrings are somewhat controversial because some parents want their baby to be pierced while very young. It is really a personal choice if a mom would want it for her baby or maybe just later when her child grows a bit older. A jewelry must be hypoallergenic as babies are born with sensitive skin. Some moms choose to keep their baby’s bracelet as this can fall off or come loose if left unattended to their baby. Babies are fond of putting anything into their mouth, so it can be a great danger if a couple of accessories from the loosen charm bracelet have been grabbed by the baby and put right in his/her mouth. One should make sure that when choosing a charm bracelet, each charm must be tightly woven and properly secured to the bracelet. Anything that has sharp and pointed edges must also be avoided.

For a much wider array of baby jewelry selections, everyone can browse the Internet and visit online stores that specialize in such items. When it comes to shower gifts, personalized gifts and other baby-related items, the Internet makes the biggest source. We can enjoy hunting and buying anything we want for cute bundle of joys.

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