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Flowers, who doesn’t love to receive a flower or perhaps several fresh flower bouquets? It has to be one of the most traditional of gifts, giving someone flowers. Researchers can find evidence even in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics that flowers were given in early times. The giving of flowers has always been a part of our history and the act of giving flowers can be very symbolic.

One of the most common of the fresh flower bouquets that people think of when they think of giving a flower to someone they love is red roses. Red roses are the perfect choice as the symbolize love, true love and passion. The pink rose also stands for love and passion, but for some it does not hold the same depth of passion as the red. It can also be used to symbolize a secret love. Yellow roses represent friendship and perhaps a new start. Everyone is familiar with white roses standing for purity, innocence and fragility.

Carnations are another common wedding flowers Central oregon in most fresh flower bouquets. The carnation flower on a whole represents feelings and fascination. The various colors help show what feelings you are trying to express. Red is for the feeling of admiration. Pink means unforgettable. White is once again for purity and sweetness. A few other flowers are Aster which is for patience, Daffodils for chivalry, Freesia for innocence, Heather for admiration and Tulips for love.

Fresh flower bouquets of certain colors can also represent one’s feelings. For instance flowers of red represent ones love and passion, perhaps their courage, strength and desire. Red is a common flower color for lovers to send to one another. Orange can symbolize passion as well, but more commonly it is used to convey warmth, confidence and enthusiasm for life. Yellow is another color that can be used to show passion, but many times it is used to represent friendship, new beginnings, or feelings of true happiness and joy. Green is the color of the earth and thus it is used to represent good fortune and health. Blue is the color of the ocean and it used for a calming and peaceful tone. White is for purity, innocence, modesty, sweetness, and virtue. Purple is used as a royal color thus it is connected to dignity, pride, admiration and achievement. Lavender would be for beauty, grace, elegance and refinement. Pink is the color of youth and happiness.


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