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Almost every commercial establishment decorate their indoor spaces with an elegant interior landscape. This is surely expensive but why do companies still impose it even in low economic times? Interior landscaping is not just for beautification purposes. It is an investment that companies make to build up their corporate image. It makes a hotel more luxurious, a restaurant more cozy, and a business firm more elegant. Thus, it increases the monetary value of the company and its property giving them a high-class profile.

Aside from the plants and flowers, commercial planters are also a basic components in interior landscaping. Choosing the right kind of planter boxes to use is very important. They are not only plant containers but also a decoration and can serve some function. There are several kinds of planter boxes used: hotel planters, city planters, extra large round planters, contemporary planters, and the like. Here are some of the most favored commercial planters today:

Portofino Planter
The jar-shaped Portofino large planters can be used as a stand-alone planter. But why use it empty when you can accentuate it with beautiful plants and flowers. Fill it with tall plants, trees, or downwardly flowing plants to create a cascade of colorful flowers.

Alexandria Fiberglass Planters
Showcase a bed of flowers with Alexandria fiberglass planters. They have small circular base that raises the flowers and plants off the ground to give more emphasis on their stunning beauty. The fiberglass material used is highly durable – crack, fade, and leak resistant – that can ensure long lasting performance.

Rosetta Bowl Bench Planters
These large commercial planters are very functional. It can be perfectly placed in public areas where people can sit and take a rest or just hang out giving them a comforting feeling with the greenery around them.

Prato Round Commercial Planters
The Prato Planters are made of fiberglass that can be used to elevate an interior landscape making them a centerpiece of the whole indoor space. Since it is tall enough to raise the landscape, benches, flower beds, or lights can be put around it without covering the beauty of the landscape.

The featured planter boxes for interior landscaping can be made in different sizes, textures, and colors. Custom planters are specially made for the specific needs of the clients. Interior landscapes are excellent ornamentation in a large empty space making them more attractive and elegant.


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