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An event organizer is a person or company in charge of promotional events. The job includes various phases, from the initial planning stage down to its actual execution.

In the planning stage, the organizer might first need to meet with the potential client. The job here is to ask the customer what kind of demand generation event he or she wants. Some clients want a party that doubles as an event kick off, while others might want a musical performance.

Once this part is over, the event organizer will now function as a master of logistics. This includes finding the right artists to provide entertainment that is in line with the product or company’s image. It also includes hiring reliable receptionists and caterers who will welcome guests and serve food during the party. This individual will also work to find you the right venue. Part of the job also includes finding technical services to ensure that all audio and video equipment is working properly.

During the product or company launch, this individual will need to be on top of the situation. This means coordinating with the clients whenever possible. It also translates to attending to VIP guest requests for food, giveaways, and anything else in between.

What other services can they give?

Yet another part of the job would be to administer or coordinate surveys related to the event. Some organizers carry this out during the event by asking guests what products they liked. Others may send out a full-scale questionnaire that guests and participants will answer.

Will the person analyze costs in every activity?

Yes, the person might analyze costs but the client will still have a final say whether to continue with certain activities or not. Compared to say, accountants, event planners are not number crunchers. Their job has more to do with administration and implementation. If a client finds the costs burdensome, the organizers might suggest alternatives, but not ways to cut down on expenses.

What service types are available?

It depends on the company hired for the job. Some firms specialize in providing services only. What you get in this service is a person or a group of people working to get everything organized. You pay the firm and pay for everything else they hired or bought on your behalf.

A comprehensive package is another service available. In this setup, you hire a company that has essentially everything you need. They have the organizers, equipment, and possible locations covered.

How much will I spend if I hire one?

It depends on expertise and services offered. Popular firms may charge slightly higher than others, since they already have an established reputation. The main benefit, however, is getting experience and fame on your side.

Having a new or relatively new marketing company is another possible choice. The arrangement may cost less since these firms have yet to be famous. The main advantage is cost and services extended. Most startup ventures are eager to please since they want to have more clients.


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