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Today, technology upgrades are taking phase rapidly into different forms, as such, is the Nintendo DS. It is a handheld video game that has a dual screen. It looks similar to Game Boy Advance with two LCD screens facing inside and a built in microphones.

Nintendo DS series has its latest version called Nintendo DS Lite. This is much better because of its brighter display. Moreover, it is much slimmer, lighter and it has a more durable case compare to the old one.

The good thing about playing Nintendo DS Lite is that it allows you to play with your friends even from across the globe. You can play other games like the Game Boy Advance in it. Also, it offers an innovative approach to gaming; its 3 inch screen can actually produce real 3D graphics.

Many places have anticipated the release of nintendo dsi trade in Lite but new releases are always sent initially in Japan. This is due to the fact that the company is based in model are way much better and more types of games are released there than in the United States.

Products that were released in Japan are guaranteed to be of high quality. They are well crafted and it comes in three colors: Polar white, Ice blue, Enamel navy. Releases in America however, only possessed one color due to some manufacturing problems.

Those who patiently waited for the released of an upgraded version, they received a good deal of Nintendo versions. However, these are just business’ strategies, the same way it was applied to the Game Boy Advance SP. The strategy goes this way, the stores welcomed trade in from customers who own old versions of Nintendo in exchange of new ones for a reduced price.

Those who had the latest versions, they were given an array of choices. Later Nintendo DSi was created and released then individuals who patronized the trade were kind of dismayed.

The Nintendo DSi has an audio player and recorder, two cameras, Wi-Fi and a dedicated memory slot, an improved ergonomics and design, and an SD slot. Moreover, it is twelve percent slimmer than the Lite version and has a wider screen as well as a more improved speaker quality for all kinds of games. Unfortunately, the Nintendo DSi is not compatible with the Game Boy Advance Games and it does not have an SD slot as well.

Choosing the Nintendo DS, DS Lite or DSi all depends on the consumer’s preference. Basically, it is up to you to select what you think would match your liking. Some gamers may prefer the old versions, while others tend to innovate and want to experience new and challenging ones.


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