Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Game design is the rapidly growing chosen option at design schools because the art of creating immersive worlds is fascinating besides being a platform to unleash creativity where anyone would like the master of the universe by unveiling worldly environments out of their minds. The time of treating games as a sole form of entertainment had diminished drastically letting wave to a new era where it is preferred system for imparting educational content, explaining core concepts of academics, life or society by different genre of games and enriched social interaction where learning meets fun.

In design schools, the subject area to be covered is vast starting from the basic initiation of a structural design to the massive creation virtual environments, character modeling, designing arts and much more. At the Video Game Design School of the Academy of Art University, the Bachelors Degree Program (BFA) and Masters Degree (MFA) covers two different areas of field of interest. The graduation program begins with the game theory & design, visual communication & storytelling, understanding the concept of technology, application of technical knowledge, intermediate levels of animation, besides learning to present the ideas perceivable by the viewers

Playing video games is fun now and always, while designing a complete game is an altogether different experience where the mastermind should know all. The advanced studies offered at design schools exactly hone the skills of everything they have learnt from an amateur artist to a professional game designer.

Reputed and huge companies like Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, Lucas Arts are constantly looking out for new talents where job roles are aplenty. Based on individual interest, roles can vary from being a art director, technical expert, game designer, level designer, storyboard artist, concept artist for various elements like props, vehicles, environment, 3D animator, visual effects animator and much more.



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