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There is nothing more discouraging than a messy laundry room. Condensing the mess is a great step to making it a more pleasant task.

In the first place, laundry is a thankless task. After just one wearing, laundry is right back in the hamper waiting to be washed all over again. If you can make the laundry environment just a bit more appealing, you will find it less of chore. The secret is bringing some order to the laundry room.

Make more room

The first trick is to make more room in the Laundry Mat Near Me room. This means you need to make better use of the unused spaces. For example, most laundry rooms can make use of the space between the washer and the dryer. With as little as 8 inches, you can add a set of narrow wicker drawers that fit between the washer and dryer. These four graduated drawers hold fabric softener sheets, stain sticks and even your eye glasses so you can read the tags on clothing. The plastic front resembles hand-woven wicker. It measures 36 inches high, 19 inches deep and 8 inches wide.

With just about the same amount of space, you can add a roll-out laundry caddy that stores some taller items, like laundry detergent, fabric softener and the iron. The sturdy melamine caddy has three open shelves with raised side rails to keep the products in place. The caddy is set on dual track casters, so it easily rolls out and goes back in between the dryer and washer. It measures 31 inches high, 25 inches deep and 8 3/8 inches wide. Some assembly is required.

Hanging tricks

Sometimes the best way to get rid of clutter is to go up. The fold down overdoor laundry hanger gives you a closet where there is not one. It creates a place to hang clothing when it comes out of the dryer or if the laundry instructions recommend line drying. It is made with a locking hinge that supports 10 hangers. When it’s not in use, simply fold it down and way. There is felt padding on the inside of the bracket so it won’t scratch the surface and it fits over most doors.

A simple way to air dry your laundry is with a set of five hanging clips. Made to fit over a towel rod or wire shelving, these drip dry hanging clothespins let you air dry anything from delicates to towels to socks. Their no-slip teeth keep your clothes hung up and off the floor.

Laundry carts

If you have ever seen the laundry carts in a Laundromat and thought they would be useful at home, you are in luck. Laundry carts are available in everything from commercial size to personal butler size.

The laundry butler is compact enough to fit in the smallest laundry rooms. The chromed steel frame has 3-inch industrial wheels with double locks and a large basket to hold your laundry. You can hang wet or dry garments on the valet bar that rises above the basket. There is a bottom shelf underneath the basket that can store laundry soap and other supplies. It measures 67½ inches high, 24½ inches wide and more than 20 inches deep.

If you are looking for something with more storage space, consider the classic antique bronze laundry center with its three heavy duty, removable canvas laundry bags. It also comes with two bags – one for lingerie and one for sweaters. Hanging above the three laundry bags is a crossbar where you can hang the clothing you just ironed. There is also a high shelf for storing clean clothes or laundry accessories. The laundry center will roll across your home on smooth rolling casters with two locking wheels. The bronze finish on the steel frame is attractive enough you won’t want to rush to put it away. It measures 72 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

Extra space

If counter space is at a premium in your laundry room, then you probably could use some extra space where you can fold your laundry. This steel, rolling laundry station offers extra space and more. The cart’s two shelves hold detergent, fabric softener, folded clothing and more. There is a slide-out wire basket that can hold small items, like stain sticks, clothes pins and scissors to clip loose threads. When closed, the melamine doors on top can be used to fold laundry. They open to reveal a removable canvas bag. All this rolls along on casters and measures 31 inches high, 26¼ inches wide and 18 inches deep.


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