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High quality questions don’t change but the answers do. So if you’re looking for a small business startup checklist I would urge you to actually build it from scratch. The whole process will give you a solid road map to get things moving.

When you’re thinking about starting a small business grabbing a pre made checklist might seem like it’s going to save you a lot of time and get you on the right track. This could prove to be counter productive.

It’s going to be counter productive because you’re going to try to fit your business into someone else’s checklist. You might now be saying I don’t want to reinvent the wheel you don’t know what you are talking about.

Let me explain. You need to first sit down and work out your own business startup checklist. Make it as through as possible. Ask for some input from others who have started small businesses. Everyone you talk to is going to give you quite a different business startup checklist.

Once you have done your own research now you can go and compare your business startup checklist against a pre made one.

The shortcut to this is to find a few different business startup checklists and morph them into your own. The downside to this is that you are not owning the process so it won’t have as much meaning for you.

There are certain aspects of starting a business that going to be just about identical and these I would recommend finding a readily available business startup checklist This would include but not limited to

Forming an LLC or Incorporating

Getting all the state licenses

Standard services such as Phone, Internet, POS system etc.

Then there are the items that are specific to the type of business. Like inventory and location.

The most important checklist you develop is aspects that focus on what is going to set you apart from everyone else. What is going to make you unique?

Quite frankly all the other stuff is just going to happen. When you lease a space you’re going to need insurance. When you open a bank account you’re going to need an EIN. So most of the items on the checklist are going to naturally fill themselves out and you don’t need to worry about them.

So don’t worry about finding a business startup checklist. As you start the process of starting a business you will be given checklists along the way from the professionals you work with. What you want to be focusing on is how your going to be unique and beat out the competition. Not worrying about a business startup checklist.


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