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Your interests, whether it is hunting, tactical, birding in nature, or outdoor and leisure, are always taken into consideration with Zeiss Rifle Scopes. Manufactured by Carl Zeiss Optical, this North American based company puts your confidence to a pedestal with their great line of rifle scopes. They believe that confidence is the factor that gives hunters the advantage.

Who doesn’t need confidence in any of their hunting escapades? Zeiss Scopes puts forward two of their popularly featured products that offer the best selection in objective sizes, recticle configurations and laser range finding capabilities. These are Victory and Conquest Rifle Scopes. Each of these high end products fetter buckshot are authentically made to suit any of your hunting activity.

With Victory Scopes are beautifully crafted in two designs, the Victory Varipoint and Victory Diavari. It is engineered with sophisticated, Zeiss Optics, state-of-the-art components and high-end features for the perfectionist hunters and shooters. It has a lens coating called LotuTec matched with fully T Multicoating on its air-to-glass surfaces. This technology allows enough light and optimum contrast for twilight hunts. In fact, it allows about 90% light transmission. With a LotuTec lens coating, you can easily wipe-off or clean dirt and grease from fingerprints, free of streaks. Victory Varipoint Rifle Scopes also gives you the advantage of a larger view and precision adjustment for an accurate target.

While all Varipoint models acquire a unique illuminated red dot reticle that efficiently functions for daylight and twilight, Victory Diavari models contain standard and illuminated recticles. Diavari are designed for hunters and shooters who wants to make long precise shots from long distance.

Another type of Zeiss Rifle Scopes is Conquest. It best used for rugged and demanding conditions and it’s built to endure the most abusive recoil. It is made with RAPID-Z recticles and Zeiss MC Coating for better lighting with anodized finish. It is also waterproof, dust proof and nitrogen filled to prevent fog from covering your lens.

Now, which do you prefer to have, a Victory or a Conquest? Why not have the two Carl Zeiss Optics, anyway?



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