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Flower oil paintings make beautiful and elegant additions to any home. They can light up any room and add color to it as well. It is useful to know how a person can create oil paintings of flowers from photographs. The painter’s end product can either decorate his or her own home or can be given as a gift to someone special. There are a number of steps involved with doing this which are discussed below.

To begin, a person wishing to create an oil painting of a flower from photographs would need to take numerous photographs of the flower from different angles. It should be noted that the photo which a person ultimately decides to work with does not need to be perfect in any way, since variations can be made during the painting process in any event.

Upon selecting a photo to work with, the painter needs to gather his or her art materials and then draw the basic shape of the particular flower on a canvas. It would be helpful to draw some preliminary sketches of the flower on draft paper before ultimately drawing it on the canvas.

A thick base coat of paint will then need to be applied to both the flower and the background of the painting. A medium brush would be needed to accomplish this. The painting from photo could be made thinner by dipping the paintbrush into turpentine. The painter does not need to be concerned about painting any details during this point of the process, since the base coat is meant to be a fast application of paint that will block in the painting’s primary shapes.

After the base coat is applied to both the flower and its background, the painter can slowly begin to build paint on both the flower and the background. At this point in time, the general details of the flower, such as the buds, need to be addressed. Any smaller details, such as the grooves in leaves, can be left for later on.

Upon the painter’s building paint on the general details of the flower and its background, he or she can then add highlights and shadows to the painting. A person needs to be aware that since he or she is using oil paint, he or she may have to wait for some time before highlights can be added to the painting. This is since oil paint takes a long time to dry, and it is hard to paint more over wet oil paint.

After the painting dries and the painter successfully adds shadows and highlights to it, he or she can then use a smaller paintbrush to add small details to the painting. For example, there may be a few drops of water on the petals of a beautiful red rose which the small brush would be perfect for painting on. It should be noted that the painter is best off leaving the painting alone and coming back to it after a few days to fix anything that needs to be corrected. This is since taking a break from the painting will give the painter a fresh perspective that enables him or her to find errors more easily.

In conclusion, flower oil paintings are beautiful additions to any home. They are all the more special when a person makes his or her own oil paintings of flowers from photographs. Through a series of easy-to-follow steps, a painter will be on his or her way to creating a wonderful flower oil painting from a picture that he or she took.


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