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As ecommerce is a very vast domain, expecting hundred percent results every time is not always possible. Even today, there are a number of ecommerce store owners who face plenty of hurdles in their business.

Several entrepreneurs have chosen online store builders and experienced that it is always a better option in terms of improving sales, saving time and reducing manual errors.

“How to choose a suitable platform for creating an online store?” is the most common question asked by entrepreneurs before they make a choice.

Let’s take a look at the set of questions every entrepreneur should ask before choosing an ecommerce platform.

1. Is the platform flexible?

The complex requirements of the ecommerce environment make it essential for the platform to be extremely flexible. Customizations are necessary as the changes depending on the unique requirements according to the ecommerce trends should be done easily without consuming much time. A customizable platform that is easy to modify and offers the flexibility to make necessary modifications in the backend, as well as the front end, is a must have feature. Online store builders that provide flexibility for handling the complex flow of online stores can help you in multiple ways.

2. Is the platform fit for mobile users?

The revenue generated from m-commerce is projected. Thus, ignoring the mobile users can affect the sales of your online mymodernwallet store. Ensure that you pick a mobile ready platform which would help you in increasing your sales, getting considerable traffic and creating a loyal customer base of mobile users. As a mobile ready site is considered as the most convenient way of shopping and is also prioritized by Google for better rankings and higher traffic.

3. Does the platform provide security?

SSL encryption, captcha, user verifications are some of the techniques provided by online store builders that ensure security from intruders and spammers. The customers who visit an online store expect that their card details should remain confidential. Pick a platform which provides all the listed features that ensure security of the online shopping cart, prevents attack from spam bots and helps in having a genuine set of customers.

4. Does it provide integration for logistics?

Ecommerce is incomplete without a logistics partner because whatever a customer buys, should reach at his doorstep safely. Ecommerce platforms that provides the best way to ship your products to the customers by offering integration with the logistics partners is always a cherry on the cake. Pick an online store builder which provides integration with a logistics provider and helps you in shipping your products to various locations and reduce the manual efforts required for the same.


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