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Whether you do extreme, adventure, recreational or competitive sports, you may have suffered a sport injury before. Initial treatment of an injury is important in how the injury will recover later on. Effective sport injury treatments will ensure a smooth and fast recovery for the athlete. If handled incorrectly, you may just have to spend more time idling away from your favourite sport activity.

By now most of you would have known what is the basic sport injury treatments and that is none other than the R.I.C.E method. If this is the 1st time you’re hearing about this method, no worries cause I’ll explain it clearly just for you. For those who are familiar with it, don’t just leave yet! No harm refreshing your mind right? You might just need it on your next sports activity.

R – Rest

The first step of all injury treatment is to determine the injury spot and allow it to rest. Resting allows the injury to settle and provide a clearer picture of the extent of injury.

I – Ice

Subsequently, icing the injured spot helps reduce swelling that usually occurs. Icing is very important as it stems excess blood flow to the injured area which we do not want in the early treatment stage. At the same time it numbs and reduce the pain from the injury Foot Pain Treatment London.

How to ice? ice the injured spot 10-20mins every hourly for 3hours. Do this 3 times a day. This should last for 2-3 days.

C – Compress

When not under ice treatment or when going to sleep, it is essential that you compress the injured spot by bandaging the area. This further reduce swelling as well as dispel water retention that might collate at the injured spot.

E – Elevate

Lastly, elevating the injured spot above the heart area helps provide better circulation of blood around the injured spot. At night before you sleep, make sure you elevate your injury area (eg. putting a pillow below your sprained ankle)

Following these step will not ensure a total recovery but it requires conscious efforts on diet and rest too. Hope this little information will be a great help for your injury recovery. This sport injury treatments caters mostly to minor injuries like sprains, muscle cramps, muscle aches, muscle strain. When a major injury occur, it is always advisable to contact your local ambulance for better professional help.


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