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Swimming pool maintenance is no walk in the park-and if you’ve ever tried doing it yourself, you know what I’m doing about. Not only do you need to perform upkeep on a periodic basis, but you should also handle daily care as well. Here are some helpful tips to help you perform such upkeep.

1. Run the pool filter as frequently as possible. In fact, if you’re able to run it around the clock, then you should do it. However, it’s wise to run the filter at least eight hours daily.

If you have a timer then set it to switch on the filter whenever necessary. Meanwhile, if the pool’s filter lacks a timer, then do whatever is necessary to remember. Set your watch. Set your PDA. Tie a string around your finger. If you operate your pool around the clock, then it’s best for the filter to operate during the daytime. During that time your pool cleaning becomes more susceptible to accumulating various bits of debris in it.

2. Keep the skimmer baskets clear. Another tip is keep these baskets clear of various types of substances. The skimmer basket should go inside the skimmer. It catches various types of debris, including debris and pool toys. As an important component of swimming pool maintenance, it helps to prevent damage to the pool pump or filter.

3. Use a chlorine floater with chlorine tabs inside it. This is definitely one of the most effective ways to add chlorine to your swimming pool on a daily basis, because it ensures that you consistently have enough chlorine in your pool. Be certain to replace the chlorine tabs periodically or as necessary. However, it’s critical that you always remove it while people are using the pool, and then return it after they’re finished their swimming session.

4. Choose an automatic chlorinator to add chlorine. There are some important matters to member when using this device for swimming pool maintenance. It’s important that the unit remains full. Also, set the level so you can maintain a solid daily chlorine reading based on the duration that you run your system. The main drawback of this method is that the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level constantly rises.

5. Consider alternative tablets for the skimmer. You have a few options. One is to add slow-dissolving three-inch chlorine tablets to your skimmers weekly. Another option is to daily add quick chlorine tabs or granular chlorine tabs to the pool skimmer.

Use these basic tips to help maximize the effectiveness of your swimming pool maintenance. Your pool will thank you for it!


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